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What filter is needed for a pool of 60 m3 ?

For private pools, the filter is selected based on the full cycle of water exchange within 4 hours, 60m3/4h=15m3/h, this is the performance for the filter d. 600mm. In our shop, there is a wide choice of filters of d.300 mm – d.1600 mm, from high-quality European and Chinese producers.

What sand to use for the filter?

For the filter layer used quartz sand of different fractions, depending on the size of the filter. In our shop, you will get the quartz sand of the highest quality of 5 fractions brought from Spain.

The water in the pool is muddy green, what to do?

For water clarification, we offer QUIMIFLOC, a polymer with great flocculation and coagulation properties. It can remove suspension particles in the pool water. For the removal of algae development, as evidenced by the greenish tint of the water ANTIALGAS is used, increased effectiveness of the algaecide is designed to combat various types of algae. You should also check the level of chlorine in the water with a tester. All means for water purification in your pool are available in our shop.

I am allergic to chlorine, how can I replace it?

The solution to this problem is the treatment of water with the help of ultraviolet unit.

What is algicide?

It is worth noting that the replacement or addition of fresh water does not solve the problem with algae in the pool, microorganisms are already present on the walls and bottom of the pool and easily tolerate the change of water and continue to multiply.

It is necessary to use a means to combat algae. Firstly, combating algae is the prevention of appearing of algae in the pool. Particularly struggle with algae takes place in outdoor pools: there is a constant influx of spores from the environment, so usage of algaecide in outdoor pools is required.

Algicide is an aqueous solution of Quaternary ammonium salts and a complex compound of copper. Algaecide is compatible with any filter units, does not change the pH level of the water. Compatible with disinfectants and processing aids used in swimming pools.

Algaecide is added to the water after filling the pool and carrying out complex treatment. After water treatment with Algicide, if necessary (in the presence of suspended particles in the pool water), water treatment with Coagulant is carried out.

Treatment of the pool should be carried out in the absence of bathers, for open water-preferably in the evening. If there is no need for water treatment with Coagulant, in 10 minutes after the introduction of Algicide, bathing can be allowed.

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