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Pool maintenance.

Any pool - from a small "home" to a huge public needs regular care and maintenance.

Pool water is partly a "living organism", it is in constant interaction with the environment, and has an impact on people who use the pool for their needs.

In order the process of using the pool to be fun and not cause harm, the water in it should be not only transparent, but also hygienically perfect. From the first day of putting the pool into operation various kinds of pollution, including pathogenic microorganisms that can cause various diseases inevitably fall into the water from the environment

Timely maintenance of the pool in accordance with the standards becomes the main condition for safe and comfortable use. This is not a one-time action, but a regular process regulated by the peculiarities of operation.

It is impossible to carry out the necessary work without special experience, equipment and chemicals for swimming pools. Untrained person could not manage with surveillance of the pool: this is a complex process that requires regularity, competent approach, compliance with safety regulations, as well as knowledge of the requirements of normative documents. Therefore, it is impossible to save on the maintenance of swimming pools-it is easier and cheaper to entrust this matter to professionals than to spend money on complex and expensive repairs and look for a specialist who will undertake such repairs.

Our company offers a full range of services: pool maintenance, pool cleaning, pool maintenance, water treatment in the pool.

You can use the pool maintenance services both once and on a regular basis.

Professional maintenance of the pool can reduce the cost of its maintenance.

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